At Autumn Transport our values drive our thinking and decision making to ensure the ongoing success of our employees, owner-operators and customer partnerships.

Our values are the deeply held principles we adhere to regardless of changing circumstances.

We do not compromise on these values: Integrity, Service, Leadership and Family.

  • Integrity - Doing the right thing both personally and professionally, no matter the situation.

  • Service - Putting others first, and doing everything we can to meet their needs.

  • Leadership - Empowering people at all levels of our company to make decisions while promoting the growth of others through positive encouragement, motivation and support.

  • Family - Fostering a culture where everyone is valued and committed to each other's well-being.

While these values may not have always been written down, they have been part of Autumn Transport since the beginning. As our business continues to grow and evolve; our commitment to these values remains unchanged.