“We would like to thank Autumn Transport for helping to support the Kentwood plant with material while the USG plant was down and the railcars caught up with the lag of production. We would also like to send a special thank you to your drivers, the maintenance members said they did a great job of not over pressurizing their trailers while unloading. They also said that you have a great bunch of courteous drivers that are very easy to work with! Thanks again for all your help!”
“My company has been working with Autumn Transport for 3+ years now. We have had nothing but positive experiences with both the dispatch office, as well as the drivers that run our loads for Autumn Transport. Working in transportation for 10+ years now I have learned it is rare to find people and companies that do what they say they will do and stick by their commitments 100% of the time. Autumn Transport is one of the few companies that honors this commitment week in and week out. I can't say enough nice things about the people, customer service, and performance of Autumn Transport. Truly one of the elite carriers in the liquid/bulk world.”
“Autumn drivers have a high level of professionalism and they are very easy they were to work with. Their trailers and other equipment are new, shiny, top of the line and much nicer than almost any other carrier who comes into our facility.”
“Over the past 6 years I have come to rely on Autumn Transport as one of my top carriers to work with. They work hard to cover my loads in a timely manner and to communicate when issues arise. They are pleasant and professional to work with. I know when I give them a load they will do their best to make sure it loads and delivers without problems. I truly appreciate the high level of service they provide.”
“Being a driver at Autumn for 3.5 years has been the GREATEST experience ever. They gave me a chance when no one else would. They care about your well-being as a person and not just as a driver.”
“Autumn is a family owned company, which I love about it. They have an open door policy and you can feel comfortable talking to the owner all the way down to dispatch. They have been a great teammate for me over the years. ”
“Autumn is a family, they support a driver to success. Autumn provides you the tools, it’s up to you to decide how far to take it. ”
“Awesome place to work! They really treat you like family! Great pay and the greatest people who care about you and your business as an owner operator! ”
“The best things to me about Autumn are the versatility of multiple divisions. They've got something for everyone! Honesty and Integrity! They've always done what they've agreed to do with me. Payroll is punctual and I don’t have to chase money. Most of all, I feel the company wants to see their people succeed! I've been a lease operator and an owner operator and have seen no difference in how I'm treated in regards to my business! I would recommend Autumn to anyone! For as long as the individual had the drive to succeed, I feel Autumn would help achieve their goal!! ”
“1st 25 years over the road with two companies I worked for. Then I came over work for Autumn. Being the best company I ever worked for. It's not about the money. It's about the people's I work with AWESOME !!! ”