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Oct 15, 2015

This morning a woman from South Carolina called in to tell us about one of our drivers whom she encountered on a congested freeway. The woman told us this driver was a "bright spot in her morning commute." She went on to explain that our pneumatic driver Gene was courteous and made space for her to merge onto the freeway. She described how she followed him for many miles and how he safely used his 4 ways to alert others on the road to a South Carolina Highway Patrolman who was on the side of the road with another vehicle up ahead of them. Way to go Gene!

The woman then recounted a very sad story about another truck related incident she was involved in on that same freeway. In this incident, several years ago, a semi truck driver did not see traffic stopping ahead and forced the woman into the ditch to avoid being rear-ended. Ever since that day the woman has suffered from fear and anxiety around semi trucks on the freeway. Gene's driving today went a long way to helping ease her fear of semi trucks.

Her story is a great reminder of the impact you have each and everyday as drivers. Your driving behavior has lasting consequences, both for good and bad, in the minds of others. At Autumn we are grateful for drivers like Gene who are focused on driving safely and having a positive impact in the lives of everyone else on the road.

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