A Message from Mary - Vehicle Maintenance

May 09, 2016

Can you answer these simple questions today…

- Does ANY of the reflective sheeting around my tractor and trailer need to be replaced?
- Are ALL of my mud flaps there and in good condition?
- Do I need to change my windshield wipers?
- Is my fire extinguisher properly secure and loaded?
- Are my brake hoses rubbing on anything or kinked in any way?

As a success minded owner operator these are the daily basics. These simple things account for most of the violations drivers are encountering during inspections. Taking care of any of these issues is inexpensive, not very time consuming, and should never be on a list of violations.

Also....the CVSA Road Check 2016 is coming in June with an emphasis on tires.

Let’s not give inspectors any other reason (especially like ones on this list of questions) to hand out violations.

Thanks everyone, have a great, safe, day!



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