Autumn Logistics Team Saves the Day!

Nov 21, 2016

Great story about how our Logistics team - Kevin and Mark - were able to help out one of our customers last week.


Bulk Loads press release below....


Turbo Turtle Logistics wants to give a big shout out to a few people today!

  • Kevin Pauly of Autumn Logistics (651-294-0132)
  • The North Central Farmers Elevator of Redfeild SD staff - in particular Keith and Ben.
  • The staff of Kibble Equipment in Montevideo MN - especially Von

We had a batch of loads we needed to move out of a farmer's bin so he could wrap up his harvesting, but could not find a fairly rated load out to that area. Kevin Pauly stepped up to the plate and was able to make it happen, landing us with 50 miles of our farmer and offered a fair rate to boot.

When the winter weather hit yesterday, many elevators were forced to shut down, but we had one driver who NEEDED to be home. Kevin scrambled to make arrangements and found the driver's load a home.

Despite best efforts, the driver could not punch through the storm. When North Central Farmer's Elevator in Redfield was contacted, they provided us with their personal numbers and offered to help unload the driver as late as 10 o'clock that night or they would interrupt their hunting to unload him the next day.

Our semitruck made his emergency stop on the lot of Kibble Equipment in Montevideo. When Kibble Equipment was contacted, they offered to help us pull the driver out when they returned the next morning- at NO charge to the driver. Instead of waiting till morning when Von was scheduled to come in to work, he came out and dug him out last night. Digging the semi truck out took a payloader and 3 hard tugs by a John Deere tracked tractor.

The driver then contacted NCFE Redfeild and instead of making him wait till morning, they came out and unloaded him AT MIDNIGHT.

What happened to my other drivers? They did an elephant walk with several other unidentified trucks to safety, all of them maintaining radio contact with each other when visibility dropped to nothing.

These selfless acts make a difference. Setting aside politics and personal conflict, I know we walk and work among genuinely good people in this business. I am happy to be part of this industry and glad to know the people in it.

Turbo Turtle

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