New Friend in the Office

Aug 02, 2017

For the last 6 and a half years Summer has walked the floors at Autumn as the official office greeter. She makes the rounds each morning, getting pats, belly rubs and treats from different employee cubicles. At company meetings she is right in the thick of things, soaking up all the love (and table scraps) that she can.


Liquid Tanks Freight Manager Brenton Balvin still remembers the day he came in for his interview and was greeted by Summer at the front door. "I walked in and met the receptionist, as I waited for the Operations Manager to arrive I noticed this lab walking around the office. When I walked into the conference room for my interview the lab walked right in with us. Then she walked me out the front door. I could tell this was going to be a great place to work right then and there."

A few weeks ago a new face joined the greeter team. Bruiser, a gentle golden retriever despite the intimidating name, was introduced to the employees. What was to be a two to three week internship while his owner was away on a business trip has now turned into a year long work program.

Bruiser has started his own blog and he is a pretty funny writer. If you want to follow along with Bruiser and his adventures visit The Bruiser Diaries.


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