4 Steps to Achieve Your New Year's Goals

Jan 18, 2018


A new year always brings with it the hope and chance for change. It is a time to make resolutions and take steps towards a different reality than we currently experience.

For many people the new year brings with it the inspiration to get healthy. Gym memberships sky rocket and people pledge give up Twinkies and soda forever. And yet, less than a month later, the gyms are empty again, and there’s hardly a dent made in the pockets of soda company executives.

Why is that? Why is it so hard to keep our resolutions and take steps towards whatever new reality we are hoping for?

I’ve made all kinds of resolutions in my life and what I have noticed is my successes can always be traced back to a few specific attitudes and behaviors.

  1. Positivity.

Success starts with the idea that growth is possible. This is referred to as having a growth mindset. You have to believe you can change. And you have to have a positive vision of what the future holds.

  1. A Plan - written out.

You have to know where you are trying to go. Be specific and write it down. It is amazing how things change when you move from a thought in your head to words on paper.

  1. Partners.

We need other people to help us move along. Share your plan with a couple people you trust to encourage you. You want partners who support your vision and who will inspire you to keep going. These should be people who share your positivity about what can be done.

  1. Perseverance.

Of course you will encounter challenges and setback along the way. Keep going! Determine in your mind before you even start that you will not be deterred and you will not quit.

What ever your new year’s goal is, if you start with a positive attitude, write out a plan, involves some partners, and approach challenges along the way with perseverance you will succeed.


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