Right, Left, Right

Mar 16, 2018


Last weekend I spent a lot of time driving on Minnesota freeways. Both my boys had basketball games over 75 miles from our home, and I had to make the drive up and back on Saturday and Sunday. I left early in the morning and returned home late in the evening. I didn’t hit rush hour traffic once. I figured the drive should be pretty easy and uneventful. However, numerous times I found myself getting extremely frustrated at other drivers over the same issue.

The drive from my house to the office is 45 miles each way. I leave early in the morning and drive home late in the afternoon. Almost daily I encounter the same issue that frustrated me so much last weekend. And here’s the thing. It is such a simple issue really. It could be so easily corrected with a little consideration and a little pay attention.

The issue is this: vehicles driving slowly in the left hand lane.

Holy cow this drives me bonkers! People are you with me? Does this drive you crazy as well?

I was thinking a lot about my truck drivers as I drove. Thinking about all the crap the encounter on the freeways. Traffic, road construction, detours, scales, potholes, people texting, bad road conditions. There are so many things happening out there as drivers are trying to make it from Point A to Point B. I could only imagine how difficult it is to stay calm when you’re trying to pass someone and continue safely down the road and you get stuck behind a vehicle poking along in the left hand lane.

So what do we do about this? We certainly can’t honk and flash our headlights and get all worked up about it. And giving someone a one finger wave as we pass on the right won’t do any good either. I see a couple better options.

First, we continue to drive as safely and calmly as possible, and model good driving behavior by making sure we ourselves utilize the right lane as much as possible. We help remind people to do things the right way by doing things the right way ourselves. As the Golden Rule reminds us, do to others that which you’d like done to you.

Secondly, when possible we educate others. I learned from my Dad about how to drive in the right, pass on the left, and move back over. I will teach that lesson to my kids and their friends as they begin driving. We can also use social media to pass along these message. Just remember, negative and sarcastic communication doesn’t change anyone’s mind. Keep the message positive and encourage conversation don’t stifle it by acting like a jerk.

Truckers, I feel your pain. As drivers of vehicles big and small we are in this together. Thanks for what you do and continue to drive safe.


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