Not Your Ordinary Trucking Company

Nov 02, 2020


Back in 2013 I was needing a change. After working a crazy schedule for years in retail management I decided I no longer wanted to spend my nights, weekends and holidays away from my kids. I was talking with my dad about the situation and he told me he would give his old boss a call on my behalf. “You know...just to see what might happen,” he said. 

My dad is a trucker who had been retired for a couple years at this point (although we all know truckers never really retire, they just take an extended break), and he told me Autumn Transport was one the best companies he ever drove for. Even though I am not a trucker, and am terrified at even the thought of trying to back up one of those big liquid tanks, my dad thought the connection with Autumn could be a good one for me. Little did I know how good it would be.

I’ll never forget walking into the office for my interview. I was greeted at the front door by a friendly black lab named Summer. The entire place was clean, quiet and nothing like what I pictured a “trucking” office to be. I’d ridden with my dad when I was young and I remembered some of the dirty, greasy, stinky offices we entered. Autumn was nothing like any of those places. In fact, I almost drove right past the place on my way in. Even the parking lot didn’t look like a trucking yard. Everything about Autumn exceeded my expectations from the very first minute. 

I’ve been here for seven years now and I continue to be amazed. I have watched Autumn Transport continue to thrive and grow, year after year, without sacrificing its values of Integrity, Service, Leadership, and Family. I have seen first hand how drivers and office employees are cared for. I have seen the leadership at Autumn bend over backwards to help owner-operators succeed. I have seen drivers pay off lease purchase programs and finally own their own trucks, fulfilling their dreams. I have seen people rally to support one another in need. I have heard laughing in the office daily, and listening to dispatchers walk their drivers through difficult situations, both personal and professional. This truly is a special place.

Whenever I take a new driver out to lunch we spend some time talking about how Autumn is no ordinary trucking company. It is most often the driver who brings it up, telling me about how great of an experience they had working with our recruiting and orientation teams. And how, just like me, they knew from the moment they drove in the parking lot that something was different here. I just smile and listen, thankful that my dad made that call for me, because he knew these things were true also.



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