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A Reflection on Kobe Bryant's Death

NBA superstar Kobe Bryant's death reminds me to remember those who have shaped me the most and to tell them how much I love them knowing that we are not promised another moment.
The death of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant yesterday has rocked many people. I remember watching Kobe for many years, and even though I was never a big NBA fan, I was always impressed…

Autumn Transport Partners with MTA on Trucks for Toys Drive

Autumn Transport partners with the Minnesota Trucking Association to collect over 4,000 toys for Minnesota kids this Christmas.
Last night at the Minnesota Trucking Association Safety Council meeting there was a review of the 2015 Trucks For Toys toy drive. The safety council works hard to collect…

News We Love

We love to get news about the great things our drivers are doing while out on the road.
This morning a woman from South Carolina called in to tell us about one of our drivers whom she encountered on a congested freeway. The woman told us this driver was a "bright…